Catalog Management Software

Enhance your Procurement process with intuitive Catalog Management software

Buyers always wanted to easily view the catalogs of multiple suppliers, whereas, suppliers always wanted to update, and review the approved catalogs. This is very tedious and time-consuming process, when not managed effectively would have a negative impact on the leads. Therefore, a system that can effectively manage catalogs is imperative for any business. That's why most organizations leverage catalog management tools. The catalog management system allows you to upload, format, publish and manage your product data, no matter where it is coming from. PRM360 features comprehensive dashboard that allows you to quickly broadcast product and price changes, manage all the catalog activity, facilitate buyer-supplier relationships and ensures you always have consistent information posted that your customers are looking for.

With PRM360, any updates made to any catalog can be easily reviewed, approved or rejected before publishing. Approval workflows can be customized and version changes can be tracked automatically, giving you complete visibility into catalog update status.

Managing catalogs becomes a lot easier with our catalog management solution.

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Why PRM360

A Unified Solution to Effectively Manage
Procurement Process End-to-End

Centralized library for all product data

Assemble your data within a centralized library and provide complete accessibility via single browser for quick response.

Effective product data management

Create and manage catalog as per the needs of customer.

Efficient Categorization of Products

Design a well-structured catalog with easy navigation for all products


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