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Restructuring the Supply Chain Process to Achieve Significant Savings

With increasing pressures and regulation issues, it is critical for construction companies to manage large volumes of contracts, vendors and materials effectively. Not only you have to gain visibility into entire procure-to-contract lifecycle, but also need to stay on top of vendors, costs and projects.

PRM360 can help you achieve this by streamlining scouring practices, data collection, compliance and supplier management methods. Our intuitive interface allows construction companies to efficiently manage project requirements, bid notifications and bid documents to qualified contractors. The key features such as supplier rotation, supplier qualification and invitational bidding can streamline the bidding process while giving you critical visibility into project costs in the real-time.

  • Construction Materials
  • Infrastructure Equipment
  • Road Furniture
  • Transport System Equipment

Why PRM360?

  • Sophisticated Purchase Order System

    Easily order inventory/non-inventory items and the system will automatically create costs for the products in the job cost system. When the products are received, the system tells you the purchase order amount based on the received products.

  • Seamless Integration

    Quickly configure the solution with multiple ERP systems/contracting vendors, delivering actionable insights into purchase orders, jobs, suppliers and equipment. You can also integrate with purchase order module to create subcontracts and customize your forms.

  • Analytics & Audit Trails

    Detailed reports can be easily generated giving you clear insight into committed costs and invoice amounts. Audits trails can be conducted for the bidding process that can help you collaborate with suppliers, optimize accounts payable processes and reduce costly errors.

    In addition to the aforementioned aspects, procurement software can help construction companies yield significant benefits in the long run.

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