eAuction System

Reverse Auction

Finding the right prices of goods and services is the utmost concern for any procurement firm. This is when PRM360 reverse auction can help. We offer reverse e-auction services that can help you procure goods at the best price, thus making the maximum impact on the bottom line. Our reverse e-auction engine caters to different types of auctions such as sealed bid e-auction, price e-auction, and rank e-auction.

PRM360 reverse auction algorithms evaluate your spend category and determines its suitability for the reverse auction process. The solution validates your supplier list and creates bid strategies based on the category being sourced. Our intuitive reverse auction tool is robust, and allows you to easily set up, organize the entire reverse auction event and virtually manage any bid template from standard commodities to formula-based purchases.

PRM360 reverse auction tool features multilingual & multicurrency support, dynamic web forms, and the role-based dashboards makes the maximum impact to your bidding process.

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Logistic Auction

When it comes to procurement, there are a lot of challenges such as supplier risk, market volatility, or customer satisfaction and logistics management is one of them. With PRM360, managing logistics can be made a lot easier. We offer end-to-end logistics management solutions that can drive efficiency across the value chain by optimizing inventory, cutting costs, and increasing profits.

Right from freight route to quality control, ensuring compliance to generating invoices, our best-in-class processes and tools can help streamline and automate the entire logistics cycle. Our solution can help you reduce logistics spend, meet service goals, eliminate capacity constraints and boost performance.

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Forward Auction

When it comes to selling, reaching out to potential buyers and getting the unbeatable price for the product/service is what every seller needs. PRM360 forward auction mechanism can help you get the maximum returns in the shortest time. Our solution is packed with all the features such as various event types, document tracking, inbuilt messaging and more that help you sell your product quickly and easily.

Our intuitive dashboard, auto-extension support, detailed reports and analytics helps you manage risk, maximize profits, reduce inventory costs, and reach new markets easily. Featuring multilingual and multicurrency support, the solution allows you to better negotiate with the buyers, thereby allowing you to close deals faster. With our comprehensive forward auction service, you need not install any hardware or software, we will run the entire event for you without any hassles.

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