Contract Management Software

An integral part of Procurement cycle

From authoring to collaborating, signing to monitoring, automate every phase of the contract process with our contract management capabilities. PRM360 digitizes the contract signing process and helps you track contracts in the real-time.

With our contract management tools, the stakeholders can administer, manage and aggregate contracts on the go from a centralized platform. Automatic alerts and notifications can speed-up the approval process while giving you 360-degree visibility into contract status at enterprise level. This would not only make the process faster and smarter, but can also eliminate the chaos associated with managing piles of paper contracts.

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Manage your catalogs & contracts in a better way and share them internally with a structured and organized data without undergoing any laborious processes.


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Be it spend data, supplier data or contract data, PRM360 enable procurement departments to unlock the real value of massive amounts of structured and unstructured data without undergoing any laborious processes.

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